YoHub - Vacation Rental Software

YoHub's Vacation Rental Software is 100% customizable and it
is as simple as that! Online rental booking service is the new
happening trend in which many entrepreneurs make profit off it. .

  • Detailed Search & Filter

    Detailed search and filter option to return the closest results.

  • Search by Location

    Option to search in advance by moving the location map

  • Notify Guests with alert feature

    Alert feature to notify the guests on availability and offers.

  • Review Section on all Properties

    Reviews on every property for the guests to view before making a reservation.

  • Verified & Safe Listings

    Only verified properties by the website to be listed in the listing

  • Property Details with images

    Pictures and extra details of the properties to give an overview for its users .

YoHub – the Vacation Rental Software is here to make a statement

Travelling around the world and exploring new places has become a trend lately and it has opened doors for the hotel owners to gain profit. There is an old saying that people should pack their bags and start a world tour before it is too late. As much as travelling can be a stress buster, it can even be a real pain for the travelers as well! Home sickness is the main villain that would catch up among the travelers. Not everyone is lucky to stay in the decent hotels and resorts, cozy cottages, traditional homes, etc. There are many not-so-lucky ones who tend to make wrong decisions by choosing infamous online rental booking websites for their holiday stay. It is an unforgivable sin to not know the most famous online rental service Airbnb. It is a famous online rental service network in many countries across the globe and it is the most trustworthy among the travelers as well. Airbnb has paved a large way for its innumerous Softwares that are not successful in this industry.

According to survey and statistics, 91 percent of people who travel around the world prefer Airbnb to other online rental services. It is safe, secured and gives the “homely vibes” to the travelers. What’s so cool and new about Airbnb? It allows its users to find, list and rent spaces in 34,000 cities around the word. It serves 191 countries and it is also looking to expand the service in other remote areas as well. The CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky could not be happier about it, he should be! It has been operating since 2008 and its service is now available in 26 languages.

Airbnb is famous in many cities across the globe and it has made every traveler’s life easier in an extensive way. Though it is widely famous and popular, it is also hit with never ending list of controversies. Sexual harassments by the hosts and thefts are some among the severe ones. To make up for the damage that has been caused by the controversies, the large American online rental service comes up with many exciting offers and feel good campaigns. It often comes up with many initiatives to provide secured and safe rental experience for its users. Due to its massive success, a lot of so called “Airbnb gimmicks” are introduced in the market and a few of them ends up with an epic fail.

Vacation Rental Software

Coupon code management system

We have added coupon code management section to this script which works as a promo code system.

Sub admin management system

An Admin can assign as many sub admins as he/she likes as it will be easy for them to manage the website.

Wish list feature for its users

Users can mark some properties as wish list so that they don't need to search for that property again to see the listing.

Airbnb poses a threat to the traditional hotels, homes and the whole hotel management system. Several hotels have become vulnerable and are forced to shut down permanently because of the huge loss in the revenue. The hotels community went on strikes and rallies against Airbnb. Nothing seemed to work out and the American company still continued to reign like a pro.

Google map integration like the original Airbnb

Google maps is integrated in YoHub like the one added in Airbnb where vacation rentals listing will show when user moves over the map.

Integrated Google analytics to measure site traffic

YoHub comes with advanced Google analytics integrated into the script which helps the admin to monitor the website traffic, bounce rate etc,..

IP based currency to create marketplace blog

One of the latest feature added to the script is IP based currency where the currency change automatically according to the user IP location.

Message communication system between its users

If a user or host want to contact each other before or after the reservation they can get in touch with each other with this advanced message communication system.

Exclusive builtin iOS mobile App for hosts & guests

YoHub launched its iOS version of app last year and it is synchronised with YoHub script. Any user/admin can access the listings via website or App according to their convenience.

Exclusive builtin Android App for hosts & guests

YoHub launched its Android version of app last year and it is synchronised with YoHub script. Any user/admin can access the listings via website or App according to their convenience.

Water mark feature for security purpose -

All the uploaded images can be watermarked so that it can act as a image copyright after it is uploaded to the website. This cool feature comes along with the script and it works both via website as well as via mobile app.

Website backup through admin panel -

Website backup is very important as there will be thousands of listings accessed and posted in the website, so we made it convenient for the admin to take backup easily through admin panel without any hassle.

Notification management for its users -

Users can get easy notifications from hosts as well as from the admin in their notification panel. If a host sends a message to the user he/she will get a immediate notification on their panel on the right top corner.
Vacation Rental Software

YoHub could give a perfect start

for every aspiring entrepreneur with its list of smart features and advantages. It provides the best opportunity to build a grand marketplace for online reservations on properties.

Vacation Rental Software

YoHub – the list of its highlighting features

Unlike other infamous Vacation Rental Softwares, YoHub has its own class and it has an elegant touch to it that matches up to the current market standards and trends. It poses a serious threat to several online rental services and may even take over Airbnb in no matter of time, not kidding! It is the closest best replica to Airbnb and the good part is that it has got several features that are not even available on other online rental booking services. The long list of features include,

  • Support of unlimited hosts on its service

    Unlimited number of hosts can signup to the script and it can withstand thousands of listings.

  • Huge property listing around the world

    Apart from Unlimited hosts, even unlimited number of users can signup to the script.

  • SEO friendly URLs

    All the inner page urls generate will be completely SEO friendly as we know that it plays a major role in getting ranked in search engines.

  • Website banner management

    Webmaster can sell banner ads with websites to earn some extra money from the website and it can be managed easily using this website banner module.

  • Commission fees for its users

    Every time a user makes a booking with the host the commission fees that has been marked will automatically be generate from the use to the admin.

  • Phone number verification using twilio account

    Phone number verification is very important and every time when a user signs up for an account it will be verified automatically.

  • Stripe payment module for easier payment

    In the recent version of the script we have included this stripe payment module along with the script.

  • Property booking status management system

    Before and after the booking of a property a user can check the property booking status easily using this Property booking status management system module.

  • 100% customizable source code

    The script is not encrypted and it is completely an unencrypted source code comes with complete package.

  • Free Installation package

    The installation of the script is completely free of cost and we don't get any additional charge for that.

  • Traveler service fee management system

    Every time when a traveller makes a booking Admin can get his small commission using this module.

  • User registration fees management system

    Using this module a small amount of User registration fee commission can be deducted for each registration.

  • Review Management System for its users

    Both host and guest can give ratings to each other and the admin can manage this section using review management system.

  • Export important data from the admin panel

    All the list of users, hosts can be exported from the admin panel easily using this module.

  • Support of unlimited guests on its service

    There is no restriction in adding hosts and guests to the script.

  • Social media login for easy registration

    Apart from normal login the entry to the script can also be don't vis social media accounts.

Admin Panel

Try Demo Admin Panel


What are the features covered in our installation process?

We offer free installation services on your Linux server or hosting with our expert technical teams. However, keep in mind that they are not meant for your local machine or hosting purposes.

What is the exact turnaround time in free installation?

It will take nearly 12 to 24 hours to complete the installation process. This is the normal time that we usually follow while transferring your files into a client server and it might even vary with a hosting company.

When will our free support becomes invalid?

Our customer support becomes invalid when someone from customer end modifies or alters the codes after purchasing the scripts and irrespective of the plan. Tdotz is not responsible for any issues generated in the scripts that are caused by any third party and other external sources.

How our support process works after the sale?

After purchasing scripts from our company, we verify the details with our accounts team and they will email the downloadable source files to your mail id. You have to activate them within 24 hours. This is because the link will not open anymore after the timeframe set by our technicians. We offer free installation services for our Lite, premium and ultimate customers when they provide us the main login credentials of their server allowing them to source the files easily. Our premium and ultimate customers can experience more benefits such as enhanced customer service, access to project management tools and so on. Moreover, our QA section in www.basecamp.com will allow you to get answers for all your questions with professional technicians. In other words, the support process becomes a part of our team after the sale and customers can run their business successfully without any concerns.

What are the payment gateways available when buying our script supports?

We accept PayPal payments from initial packages as the services are free. Besides that, we give ways for integrating any type of payments into YoHub with proper API information. Customers can send their details such as stripe, Authorize.Net, 2co and balanced payment gateway to us before purchasing the scripts.

What type of framework and technology that is followed for YoHub?

YoHub is a perfect one for Linux, Apache, Mysql, and PHP platforms. Shortly known as LAMP, it is built with Code Igniter Framework.

What is the refund policy offered by Tdotz?

Since our company deals with intangible digital products, we will not refund any amounts after downloading the product successfully. On the other hand, clients can check the demo links in our website so that they will get ideas quickly before processing the payments. In addition to that, they can contact us directly via our basecamp.com project management tool or support email or via Skype. We help them to minimize troubles in the purchase, installation or website issues by addressing essential needs.

I am willing to develop a custom module for my vacation rental – Can you help in this matter?

Yes. We assist you to generate new designs, payment options and functionality with excellent custom works. Send your documents, pictures, images, sketches or designs to our mail at support@tdotz.com such that we help you to choose services with accurate estimates.

What is the version available in your demo?

Our Renter’s demo currently comes with latest version. In fact, it is available with same sort of install package when you receive after the buying the scripts. At the same time, we strictly follow limited versions in certain areas to restrict vandalism. But, the copy that you purchase from us will have full access and there is no need to worry about any issues.

Is it possible for me to utilize this Script forever without any additional charges?

Yes. Our script involves no hidden fees or additional payments so that you can utilize it forever. It completely belongs to you after purchasing the product from us.

Can I get any support from YoHub teams when installing the scripts?

Yes. We make it possible to install your script with our technical teams. It is a free service after you purchase a domain from us. At the same time, you have to provide the sever credentials to our teams after making your payments. Our company will take care of your script properly and you must check the emails that are sent from support@tdotz.com

If I am not satisfied your script, can I get my money back?

We believe that our presales conversations and live demo is a sufficient one that enables you to make a right decision in the buying process. Our company will process the order after getting confirmation from your end and it is final. We don’t cover any refund policies and you can visit our website for knowing more about the terms and conditions.

Any technical documentation do you provide when purchasing the YoHub?

No. There is no necessity for providing technical documentation when buying the YoHub. You can contact us support@tdotz.com to get excellent support from our side to develop your custom module with unique approaches.

How will you fix the bug problems in my website after finding them?

It is obvious that you might face some problems in the installation process due to technical errors and other factors. Our company scans your system with advanced tools in order to overcome them as soon as possible. We also welcome your valuable feed backs which help us to improve our services. If there are any problems from our end, we will resolve them with our technical teams and update the results at the earliest.

Getting the full source code of YoHub or the files encrypted is possible or not?

It all depends on your license and the scripts that you have purchased from us. The Core files (PHP) are unencrypted by layout and design (HTML and CSS) in Regular Single Domain license format that can be accessed and customized. For open source [White Label] and multi-domain license there is no encryption so that all files can be updated by the owner. But, the single domain licensing is an encrypted one.

All features of script, regardless of license type, are available to administrators and users.

When you are in need of multidomain white label version, email to us support@tdotz.com to know the pricing.

Shall I change the HTML and CSS files of YoHub?

Yes. We permit to change those files since you can access them with the license that has been purchased from us.

Can I get design templates from YoHub?

Only standard templates are available in the YoHub. If you like to get unique custom templates then, contact us at support@tdotz.com for knowing more details. Our customer support executive will also help you in this matter to get ideas on the prices.

Can I modify the domain name for YoHub License?

It is an easy one to change the domain name. At the same time, you must mail to us at support@tdotz.com with complete details including the purchase order number, domain name and the current domain name you wish to change.

An important note: You can change the domain name only after 6 months. Therefore, it is advisable not to change the settings before receiving the confirmation messages from our side. It is not valid when you fail to do since the service is based on the license that you have been purchased from us.

Is your script suitable one for Cluster server like Amazon Ec2?

Yes. We will assist you to install the script in various cloud servers like Amazon, Digital Ocean, rack space etc.

What are the server requirements?

Our scripts work in all Linux based servers and we utilize LAMP platform for this purpose. For windows, you need to install additional modules in your server.

If these features do not make a perfect online rental website, what else could? It is one of the reasons why Airbnb tops the charts in many countries across the globe. But sadly, this scenario would not be the same since YoHub has arrived to break all the stereotypes on Softwares. YoHub is the new Vacation Rental Software that consists of handy and useful features for its users. It has many features that make it superior to other Softwares.

Vacation Rental Software

Easy search and filter options by country and city to return the best results

Vacation Rental Software

Advanced calendar with checkout and check in time options

Vacation Rental Software

Social media login for easy and hassle free registration process

Vacation Rental Software

Clear presentation of information on listings to give better understanding

Vacation Rental Software

Price range bar chart to fix the pricing budget

Vacation Rental Software

Easy payment options to make hassle free payments

Vacation Rental Software

Option to list the properties and earn money off it

Vacation Rental Software

IM chat feature for its users to develop understanding

Vacation Rental Software

Simple dashboard to keep track of trips and other important data

Vacation Rental Software

Coupon code to avail offers

Vacation Rental Software

Trust and verification system to validate its users

YoHub's Rental Software can be altered and customized as per the clients’ request. It is available for Android and IOS on app store and play store. It comes up regular updates with better app performance and added features. It has a responsive design to provide hands-on experience on mobile, tablet and other devices. The safe and secured code makes YoHub superior to other cheap Softwares. It is easy to use and it does not require “how to use” tutorials.

Important features of YoHub's Vacation Rental Software

YoHub comes in with many advantages for its clients in several countries around the world. Some of them are listed below,

Vacation Rental Software

Acceptance of PayPal and Authorize.net for credit card

Vacation Rental Software

Alert for hosts and guests on availability and other relevant information

Vacation Rental Software

Easy search and filter option by country, state and city

Vacation Rental Software

Multiple language and currency management for its users

Vacation Rental Software

Ability to upload images on Cloud Server Amazon S3

Vacation Rental Software

Free Support over Skype and other Project Management tools

Vacation Rental Software

Trust and verification system to validate its users

Vacation Rental Software

Free Upgrades on IOS and Android platforms

Vacation Rental Software

Advanced filter and search options for better results

Vacation Rental Software

Responsive design to suit different devices accordingly

Tdotz is known for its successful journey with web application products and Rental Softwares. It has a huge client network across the globe and it never fails to put a smile on its clients’ faces. The highly trained professionals and employees make sure every project gives the best output. Professional testing practice is followed to get rid of bugs in order to make the projects bug free. The highly trained project managers, developers and designers are the pillars of strength to Tdotz’s global reach.

Tdotz is well aware of the current market standards and it builds every product according. Several companies are benefitted by its efficient service. One of the significant features for its success is time management and Tdotz always delivers the project in time. Over hundred web application products and ten successful Software products have made Tdotz superior to many other infamous mobile application services in the industry. It is truly a dream destination for every aspiring entrepreneur to have a bright career in this line!