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You excel in your own way, GV on Uber

The big companies made huge amounts of investments and this has led to a great amount of profit for the investors. The tie-ups made are getting stronger, as the companies are making progress. The companies are making huge profits and would like to continue their partnership.A better growth for any company is to get along with its partners and sail in the same boat. The company says that it is having a great rapport with Uber and will continue to have. An organization can flourish in a better way when it has affinity with its partners.

Google launched the concept of sovereign cars. It works with the help of the sensors which are embedded into the circuit of the car. The concept was first introduced in the late 80’s. But, it has gained a great amount of popularity in the 21st century, as it is technology driven. This makes the future to be promising and safe, with more security.

A question rises with the public, how effective is this going to be? A computer is more absolute than a human behind the wheels of a car. The complete gridlock on the roads can be revised and make it less prone to accidents. But the problem is, everyone cannot afford it. So, Uber has planned to bring in this service to make it cost effective for the public. The shift in the outlook of the transit system is going to be huge by Uber.