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Want to eat, Uber it now!!!

We want to have a wonderful and delicious food to eat, but we’re busy at our work place. How about ordering it online and getting it delivered? Sounds good, right? That is why; Uber has decided to help you out with this and has launched the food delivery service for you. Choose the food you want to have from a chain of restaurants and it will be delivered to you, as simple as that.It has already made a mark in the ride hailing industry. Now, it has planned to create a storm in the food industry. Hence, it has started the service in different parts of the US. Now it has aimed to serve at London, which already has another famous food delivery service by Deliveroo.

The company has put strategies and creativity to work, to win the competition. This definitely shows that, they are ready for anything. The more personalized the service, the more customers will use it. The fare for the order you place will be linked to the restaurant you choose.

You have the option to customize your order, if you want only specific elements in your food. There no restriction to the amount of the order you place. The focus right now is on the customer who wants to try this new service from Uber. The drivers are happier working for Uber, as it is more flexible for theM, when compared to its competitors.