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10 Popular Unlimited Voice Calling Apps for your Android and iOS


skypeThis is a product where instant messaging and video calling are at their best. These 2 features are the most prominent features, which are available in this Skype app. There is also an option available for you where you can make a conference call with this app.
Skype is predominantly for free, if a user wants to make a call to a landline or a mobile number then they need credit for it. It allows the users to communicate over the Internet with the help of a headset with a microphone by using the webcam. They can even exchange text messages over Skype and the calls, which are made from Skype to Skype, are absolutely free.
Once you register on Skype, there is unique Skype identity, which will be easy for you to use. There is another special feature, which allows users to video chat and share screen with 25 different people at the same time. It is an app, which will help you, stays connected with people across countries.

Signal Chat

singlechatIt is software, which is being used to communicate with the help of the Internet. There is a feature for the users to send in one to one messages or group messages to their loved ones by having a stable Internet connection. The primary identity, which is used in this app, is the mobile phone number of the user.
The messages which are exchanged on Signal chat are of encrypted nature to ensure that it is safe and secure. Apart from that, the users have an option to share files, images, videos, and audios through the app. The users have to verify themselves even before they start using the app and once they are done with it; the app is all set for use.
Signal Chat app is really interesting and amazing with a great user interface. It is absolutely easy to use and seamless in its own way. It is a definite try for the people who are interested in having conversations in a secure way.

Free Texting & Calling

ScimboIt is a messaging app where you can send and receive instant messages. There are a lot more things in this app, which are quite interesting and intriguing as well. An option is available for you to share your location with someone to guide to the exact location of yours.
An option is available for you to use the app through the web as well by scanning the QR code. You will have a notification prompt for all the latest and recent messages for you not to miss out on. There is a feature where you can mark the messages as important and refer back to it later.
There is an interesting feature, you can quote back a specific message and it seems to be fun. You can also send the complete chat history to your email and refer back to it whenever you feel like. In simple words, we can say that this messaging app is a one-stop solution for all your communication needs.


TelegramEven though telegram is not available right now, still you can use it in the form of an app. This is an app, which is absolutely free, and there is no subscription price as well. There are lots & lots of features are available in this app and all of them are really quite interesting and enticing.
There is no limit for the size for the files, which you are sharing with your friends and family. It follows an open API and protocol, which is absolutely free as well. The messages, which you send on Telegram, are faster and they are fully encrypted with self-destruction with a timer to ensure security.
It lets you access the messaging app from different devices, as the interface is compatible enough. You also have the option to store media in the cloud and build your own API tools as well. The best feature, which this app has, is that you can have up to 10,000 people in a group. This is an app, which is different, and appealing, you can give it a try and you will definitely love it.

Google Hangouts

googlehangoutsIt is one of the best communication platforms out there; it is filled with many different kinds of features available for the users to use. There is a feature where you can send and receive instant messages in no time. You have an option to have group conversations with your friends and family.
A special watermark feature is available for the user to indicate how far the user has read the conversation. High definition video calls can be made and the quality of the calls is really top notch. All your chat histories are saved, so it can be easy for you to get back to it in the future and reminisce about it.
There is a specific feature, where you can turn off history, so there is no need for you to fear about your privacy, it is safe and secure. Apart from this, you have VOIP available as well for you to make the phone calls. This is an app where you have almost all kinds of options for you to communicate, go ahead and install it right away.


whatsappIt is a freeware and supports cross-platform instant messaging, specifically designed and developed for smartphones. The app uses a stable Internet connection for the users to be able to send and receive messages. There are many different add-on features are also available.
WhatsApp has a feature called as a status where you upload images and short videos to share it with your friends and family. It is not just texting, which you can do with this app, you can make audio and video calls, and you have an option to leave a voice mail if the person has not responded to your call.
Then there is an option where you can share images, videos, audios, documents, contacts, and location as well. You can also update your profile picture according to your own choice. Apart from that, you have the option to mute the chat, pin a chat to keep it at the top of the chat window, archive the chat, and send the complete chat in the form of an email as well. This app is said to be the highly used messaging throughout the world, if you haven’t tried it yet, then it is time for you to give it a try.

Facebook Messenger

facebookmessangerThis particular app is also abbreviated as Messenger at times and it is an instant messaging service and a software application as well. It is filled with lots and lots of features that you feel like that you couldn’t get enough out of it. Each one of the features is really interesting and appealing in its own way.
Let’s check out a few of the prominent features of the app, as it is said that it used for instant messaging, users can send unlimited messages. Apart from that, there is an option for the users to send media files as well. There is an option for the users to react with certain smileys for the messages, which they have received.
All the messages, which are exchanged on this messenger, have an end-to-end encryption to secure the messages and value the user’s privacy. This app also provides you to make voice and video calls with a greater quality. You can use this app to send SMS messages as well, it is free and easy to use as well.


wechatThis app is one of the most prominent messaging apps in China and worldwide as well. It is packed varied features and each one of them is unique and different. You can send and receive instant messages, broadcast your message to all your contacts, and make a video conference call. The best part of this app is that it is not only just texting and calling you cans even play games.
There is an option for you to exchange contacts by connecting through the Bluetooth. You can also integrate Facebook into the app and apply filters to the images, which you would like to share with your friends and family. This app supports users to register and create official accounts for themselves to push feeds.
Moments are a special feature in WeChat where you can post a feed in the form of media, images or share something interesting from the web as well. This app also allows the users to pay their bills and online payments with the feature called as WeChat Pay. It is definitely a refreshing and enticing app for one to try it out.

ICQ Messenger

icq messangerICQ Messenger is an instant messaging service and it acts as a client. The users have to register themselves on the app and they will be provided with a unique identification number. It is similar to a phone number, so it is easier for other users to recognize. This app is the first stand-alone instant messaging service.
The user accounts are used for them to make to one-one conversations. It also has a feature where the user can send offline messaging; multi user chats and also can send a limited amount of texts in the form of SMS. Apart from these, there are other exciting features like resumable file transfers, multiplayer games, greeting cards and a user directory, which can be, fetched back.
It works under a single communication platform for the users to send in the IM, SMS from ICQ to mobile. You have an option to have a communication through voice & video as well. There is also online video magazine available for the teens the content broadcasted related to teens. This app is simple yet elegant in its own way and can be considered to be one of the oldest as well.


viberThis is a free, cross platform instant messaging service providing an app. It also provides you VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service for you to make calls in an easier way. The functionality of the app differs from platform to platform and each one of it is different.
Viber has the options for texting, sending pictures and video messaging across all the different platforms, which it supports. The voice call feature is available for iPhone, Android and Windows phones. Viber Out is specifically been launched for users to make phone calls to mobile or landline numbers.
The app is also made available for the desktop, not only for smartphones. Apart from that, there is an option for the users to endorse their products through promotion on Viber and make it as a customer centric platform. It allows the users to send a video message with one push. Viber is different across platforms, it is obvious that the app versatile and has unique features.