• Wide range of products for Wide range of Audience

    From Small Scale Startups to Large Scale Enterprise corporates.

  • Todtz ensure best User Experience and Performance

    We ensure best user experience and app performance on all products

  • We Promise and Deliver at the right time

    If we can't deliver at the right time we simply don't take the project.

  • Highly skilled competent and energetic and enthusiastic team

    We effectively use our man power and make sure its cost effective.

  • Our products are used by Big Scale companies - Highly Robust

    Our products are highly robust and secure and they are used by several enterprises

  • From Big Product Ideas to Reality

    We explore lots of innovative and creative solutions to bring ideas to reality.

Airbnb Clone

Uber Clone

Whatsapp Clone

Why Should you choose Tdotz?

  • Professional

    Since we are in this business for many years we have some highly experienced developers and designers

  • Trustworthy

    We are in this industry for more than four years and our clients have a huge trustworthiness on our company

  • Low prices

    Tdotz is committed to sell our apps and scripts at Low prices when compared to others in the market.

Tdotz Over The Years

YoHubMay 2013

YoHub is a clone of Airbnb which is nothing but a Vacation Rental Software designed and developed by Tdotz. We have launched this product by the mid of 2013 and the sale of this product has been steady for the past 3 plus years. Launch your own Vacation rental site instantly.

OCabbyDec 2013

For the past two years Uber, lyft and Ola are peak in the market. So we were getting lots of enquiries for Uber clone and our R&D team decided to develop an app like Uber.We worked for more than one year and launched a top quality app named oCabby by the end of 2013.

BuzzaJune 2014

Buzza is an instant messenger app like Whatsapp. It has all the features including Group chat, Voice call, video call etc.. and it was launched by Tdotz on June 2014. The the last few months we have added lots of features in this Buzza app and it is a top selling product in Tdotz.

Shopize May 2015

By the mid of 2015 we started developing a next generation marketplace script which looks like etsy, where you can buy and sell things. If you want to create a site like etsy or ebay then you can simply use Shopize which comes along with Android and iOS apps.

DisellSep 2015

Disell is a eCommerce Marketplace Software developed by Tdotz. Disell in nothing but a high end multi vendor shopping cart software where you can create your own marketplace instantly. Disell is a popular and powerful script which acts as a turn key solution for many clients.

YoMatchJan 2016

The demand for Tinder clone increased by the end of 2015 and we started developing Tinder Clone App by Jan 2016 and we named it YoMatch! It is a complete clone of Tinder and after doing some research work we have even included some additional features to Yomatch!